“From the internal point of view, the ethical vision of man is a constant and self- renewing motive to action. It prompts us to accord respect and loyalty to other people. It confers importance, mystery and sanctity to our meanest transactions, and irradiates our actions with a meaningfulness that is not of that world.”


Roger Scruton „An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Modern Culture”

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching program that we offer is designed for a Client who usually holds an influential position in his/her organization, who makes key decisions and often faces challenges that are important in terms of a company’s business, both in the human sphere and the management sphere.

The coaching process is focused on a Client, his/her career and development, challenges related to the professional and private life. A Coach and a Client cooperate closely to achieve agreed results (either between a Coach and a Client or between a Coach and a Client’s superior).

Through coaching a Client is able to develop his/her leadership skills, improve his/her decision-making skills, build long-term relationships, increase creativity, improve his/her stress management and time management skills and learn how to handle sensitive issues or crisis situations. The result of work of each Client affects and increases the effectiveness of all teams in the organization.

Meissner&Partners coaches have rich experience (min. 600 hours of coaching) and excellent coaching education, International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation or completed accredited trainings. They work in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethic and the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct (available at www.icf.org.pl). They represent several different coaching schools and use their own style of coaching, based on different models approved by ICF. The most common are:

The Co-Active Coaching Model (www.thecoaches.com)

The Coaching Conversation Model – Corporate CoachU (www.ccui.com)

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (www.crrglobal.com)

Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching Studies at TROP Group (www.grupatrop.pl)